Transform Your Stress

The aim of this programme will be to assess all aspects of the body/mind systems of each individual through specific techniques devised by Plexus.

This programme for Transforming Stress into Vitality offers practical advice and strategies to help overcome the pressures of modern life, where you will be taught how to combat the effects of stress and restore balance between mind, body and emotions.

  • Initially we will scan the energetic structure of the body to evaluate its flow and balance. This is essential, as it has been medically established that the primary cause of illness is a breakdown within the energetic system of the body.

  • We will ensure that the muscular structure is relaxed and properly functioning. As a result of stress the muscular structure goes into spasm, looses its elasticity and will force the spine to misalign.

  • We will check and mobilise the skeletal system including foot mechanics to ensure that there is no referral of pain or neurological interference that would cause specific symptoms too numerous to mention.

  • We will also evaluate the functioning of your digestive system and give you the necessary advice on dietary changes you may need to make. This is crucial as the body is dictated to, by what waste is excreted and absorbed.

  • Specific active meditative techniques will also be taught to each individual that will help them to overcome emotional stress. This is an area that within Plexus we feel that we have preeminence, and our understanding of how emotional stress effects the organs are among the most advanced in the world.

Please contact us at or telephone 065 6841844 for information on upcoming 'Transform your Stress' Programmes

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