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This course is broad and dynamic. Apart from intense practical and theoretical work, relevant time is given towards the Trainee’s personal development. This involves exercises, stretching, relaxation, meditation and emotional transformation techniques. Many of the techniques taught are thousands of years old and are now beginning to be validated by the findings of modern scientific medicine. This course will give you the opportunity to develop a number of unique and very specialized Protocols designed to understand and manipulate the energetic structure of the body and also how to develop your extra sensory ability. Apart from these unique techniques trainees will be given the knowledge to understand the science of this energy, how it works and each trainee will be provided with a manual containing specially developed protocols and other information that trainees can administer on their clients/patients depending on the symptoms that are presented at their clinic.
If you are already in the health-care profession such as a chiropractor, massage therapist, counsellor, doctor, Nurse, Sports therapist etc. and would like to enhance your treatments then the Plexus method of Bio-Energy is what you need to learn.

Course Content

Plexus disease programmes.
Plexus Bio-Energy advanced Emotional transformation techniques
Energy and its relation to illness and health.
Therapist Personal development /Chi Kung/Active Meditation
Children’s health-care
Other factors relating to health

Course Conditions

A contract between the Plexus Institute and each trainee is required.
Trainee Therapists will be obliged to uphold the institute’s code of professional conduct.
On successful completion of the Therapists Training Course, Therapists will receive a Diploma in Bio-Energy Therapy.

Please note: Finance may be arranged and you may also be eligible for Fas funding
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