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Ann O’ Sullivan – Poor Appetite/Low Energy/Intense Pressure in Ears and Head/Electric Shock type Spasms Written by Sharon 980
Peter – Ear Ringing/Torn Knee Muscle/Emotional Written by Frances 878
Miryam - Skin Issues Written by Frances 817
Gary Barwick – Chronic Fatigue Written by Frances 913
Rachels Testimonial - Bursitis Written by Frances 1176
Robert Lambarti - Sinus Infections/Allergies Written by Frances 1465
Aoife - Chronic Fatigue Written by Sharon 2996
Oisin - Eczema - Cured Written by Sharon 1298
Caitlins Recovery (Child) Written by Sharon 1495
Eugene Cloonan - Recovery from Chronic Back Pain Written by Sharon 4224

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