In 2014, my health and life changed.  Whilst living a very busy lifestyle, I found myself loosing energy and my appetite.  I felt like I was suffering from severe flu like symptoms for an extended period of time.  This naturally prompted me to visit my local G.P.  After ten days ... read more
  I booked a four day course of treatment at Michael O’ Doherty’s Bio Energy Clinic during October 2016 due to a stress problem that had been affecting me since mid-February, 2016.  I had been caring for my mother who was having serious health problems at the time and life at home had cha... read more
My sincerest and heartfelt gratitude to you for getting me back on the road to recovery and for helping me regain my quality of life. After experiencing a facial chemical burn that caused me eight months of constant painful burning sensations and flare-ups that would last for hours at a time, my s... read more
Before I start to relate my experiences since visiting Michael O’ Doherty’s clinic I feel a bit of background would help.  I am 74 years old.  I have always been very fit.  Eleven years in the army, playing squash till my knees complained too much, then golf and set dancing.  Onl... read more
  Michael gave me my life back. It is probably 5 years since I first visited Michael and I was scarcely able to walk. I had Bursitis in both hips and had been to all the specialists in that field I could find. All these Doctors wanted to give me Cortisone injections into my hips but I felt t... read more
This is a long one!!! I haven't said a word to anyone other than my very close friends and close family about what I'm going to tell you.  Early 1998 I took a holiday to the Caribbean, on my return I became very ill with sinus infections and started to produce thick glue like mucous from my t... read more
Three years ago when I first got a job after I finishing four years of college I first became ill. After the first few months I got a migraine and felt very weak. I had an office job which meant I was sitting at a computer desk all day.  Using computers got very difficult when I felt sick. I wo... read more
  When Oisin was born in 2012 he was born with extremely dry skin.  As he got older his skin got worse, it dried out and became very itchy.  Scratching turned into scabs and they starting bleeding as a result of scratching.  He was an extremely irritated little baby as a result ... read more
Another Amazing Story from Michael O’Doherty’s Clinic   At the beginning of March 2015 our daughter Caitlin, who was two-and-a-half years old at the time, suffered a fever convulsion at home.  Her body temperature had reached 40°C without warning and she was shivering and shaking uncontr... read more
Testimony from hurling All-Star Eugene Cloonan Some years ago, there was a television advertisement featuring several top GAA players walking on water. While the idea was to depict an air of invincibility and immortality surrounding these stars, the reality is that behind every successful athlete i... read more
Today Ellen is a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Plexus Bio Energy Therapist. 8 years ago Ellen's competitive horse riding career came to an abrupt halt. Subsequently to be diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus / glandular fever, at only 14 years of age Ellen found herself completely bed bound, unable to... read more
I first visited Michael's clinic in July 2013. Prior to this I had been experiencing symptoms of fatigue, aches and pains, and nausea for many years. I had been to one doctor after another, and told time and time again that my symptoms were either incurable, or psychological. But from the first mome... read more
Niamh - age 15 years I was exhausted and had no energy. At just 6 years of age I was diagnosed with a blood disorder. Now at 15 yrs and I had battled with back problems for two years and also had glandular fever. I was missing so much school and had to give up Irish Dancing. I had no social life, I... read more
Anne Livingstone from Clare is certainly more than àu fait with the meaning of pain after having suffered from a severe form of Rheumatoid Arthritis. In fact, the pain was so bad at one stage that even simple things such as sleeping and walking posed great difficulty. In her testimony, Anne recalls ... read more
Elissa Carty.Age 14.Elissa had been experiencing severe bouts of vomiting during 2013 with no known medical cause. This culminated on 10th April 2014 when I was called to her school as she was suffering from a headache, vomiting and had difficulty walking. She was admitted to hospital and remained ... read more
When I was 13 years of age I started suffering from seizure like episodes, chronic headaches and serious food allergies. Prior to this happening I was a happy and healthy girl that loved to irish dance. Because of these things happening to me I swapped my life for doctors, consultants and months of ... read more
I'd tried every remedy possible....We hadn't walked far on the beach, but my feet were throbbing. "Perhaps it's the hot weather" my hubby Paul, 38 said. My doctor diagnosed tendonitis, told me it's clear up within 6 weeks. Two months later, I was still in pain – one morning, I couldn't get up. "I ca... read more
For Clare farmer Michael Lenihan, being able to walk is an accomplishment in itself. Considering what he's been through, it's not difficult to see why. For over a year, Michael endured harrowing agony from pains shooting through his back, and at one stage, even standing straight was an impossible t... read more
I went from watching the Lions win the 1st test to intensive care in hours. In June 2013 I was suffering with back spasms having fallen down the stairs the day before and slept on the floor which was not uncommon. I had suffered back problems since 1991 on and off, having had lower back surgery L4/... read more
Hi, Just want to say thanks to Michael and the Therapist that worked on me and the Reception Staff. I am a new person since Ennis in Autumn last year (something like chronic fatigue for 8 yrs). Unbelievable how its improved me. Cant believe that I wake up every day with no joint pain, muscle ache,... read more
When his step-dancing company next takes the stage, Michael Flatley will once again be able to perform with them, his arms resolutely at his sides, having been cured of a mystery virus by Michael O Doherty an energy healer, In 2006, Mr. Flatley, the dancer and choreographer, was struck by a whole-bo... read more
  As a busy entertainer nowadays I find myself commuting a great deal both by air and on the road.  I need to be alert and energetic, which I am despite a illness just over two years ago which renered me dull and listless and necessitated surgery and hospitalisation.  It forced me ... read more
Liam Doyle has just revealed the secret behind his successful battle to play in the All Ireland hurling semi-final series against Offaly. He has been getting Energy treatment from Michael O Doherty. It was desperation time and Liam had nothing to lose. He came to Michael on crutches with a serious a... read more
Gerry came to Michael’s clinic with chronic knee pain and was due to have surgery however after 4 days treatment Gerry’s knee pain and problems healed fully and needed no surgery. That was 4 years ago and Gerry is still perfect and uses the treatment to maintain his health. read more
Joanna McMahon, 26, from Prestwick in South Ayrshire, was beset by painful bladder problems until a pair of healing hands removed her symptoms. I first contracted bladder infections when I was two. As I got older, I couldn’t pass water unless my bladder was absolutely full, to the point where I loo... read more
Hughie suffered severe nerve damage to his lower back and left leg in a motorbike crash which left him paralysed in one leg and wheelchair-bound. After attending Michael O Doherty at the Plexus bio-energy clinic and after several weeks of intensive therapy on the lower end of his spine and back, Hug... read more
Clare woman, Jackie Flynn, first brought her son Adam for treatment when he was just under a year old. Many months of various antibiotics had reflected no improvement in his condition, which involved chest pains, severe wheezing and coughing. Seeing this lack of progress prompted Jackie to seek out ... read more
Cured of depression. ‘We can see now how our health was affected by our grief over Wayne’s her sons death,’ Margaret begins. ‘It was all as a result of the tragedy and the emotional stress that came with it. You don’t realise it when it’s happening because you’re just trying to take each day as it c... read more
Jennifer Feeny: suffered from the auto-immune disease lupus and began treatment in April 2005. She is now back to full health and has trained as a Plexus Therapist. Paul Whelan: suffered from fibromyalgia, and was off work for three months. His treatment began in December 2001, Paul fully recovered... read more

Each day I embrace life with love as I connect to Nature and the Divine and I thank the universe for all that I have.

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