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Feedback on D.V.D - Professor Valerie Hunt

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your DVD. It is artistically and technically a beautiful production which keeps the viewers in higher consciousness. The power and rhythm of the ocean brings such fullness and tranquility.
Michael, I give you highest praise for your clean, precise healing techniques, for how you communicate with your clients and the results reported.
Your continual inspirational message of hope is outstanding as a way to get their personal, emotional participation. Your DVD is indeed the best I have ever seen from any healer in my long years of association with them.
I like your insight that emotional problems and physical disturbances closely coalesce and that by improving medical conditions the person can more effectively handle problems of life.
If you follow my website and books you will note that my emphasis has moved on from energy healing to the deepest sources of health problems in past lives- shock and soul-destiny as the driving emery of each individual. With your healing techniques and skills you will probably get a glimmer of this quite often.
I am also working with geneticists in altering the genetic damage done in this life by physical shock using bioenergy application to homeopathic RNA drops and sprays they use. This is the frontier of medicine today and I hope will replace the current limited diagnosis, incorrect prognosis and destructive treatment by chemicals.
Michael, if you are ever in the States on the West Coast I would love to meet with you.
With my highest appreciations for you and your contributions
Professor Valerie V. Hunt

Mr. Tom Griffin



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How does the therapy work?

Your body is made up of energy and if this energy system becomes inbalanced then your body becomes ill. We balance that energy system with specially developed techniques which in turn allow the body to heal. 

What can you treat?

Because we work at an energy level it doesn't matter what your problem is. Our job is to deal with what causes your problem, so people come to our clinics with every concievable problem, be it physical, emotional or mental. Children also benefit hugely from the treatment.

What is the role of the Plexus therapist?

The first step in the body's healing process is to get your energy system balanced and flowing again.

The Therapist will also create a health-care programme for you depending on what your problem is.  This involves looking at your diet, teaching you how to deal with your stress on a daily basis, look at your muscular and skeletal system and most importantly get your mind focused on your journey back to health.

We will also provide you with ongoing support as you return to health, but it is so important that you take control and make the changes that will be needed for you to recover.

What is the duration of the treatment?

This private treatment is carried out over 4 consecutive days for 45 minutes to one hour each day and takes place in a calm and relaxed environment with a background of specially chosen music to enhance your healing.

Will I be able to work while I am having treatment?

While you are having the treatment you will be able to get on with normal life, however, depending on your problem you may be a little tired as your body needs rest to heal. People generally find they sleep much better following the treatments.  This is a result of the release of the stress and the balancing of the energy.

Some people also feel more energy and feel like they could run a marathon but we advise rest and relaxation so your body can heal.

What about my medication?

This is strictly a matter for your medical practioner, it is important that you continue taking your medication and as you begin to improve you can then consult with your GP for advise.

Will I need more that the 4 sessions?

Depending on the problem you may need more than 4 sessions. As you will appreciate, if you have a health problem for a long time and if this condition is severe it will take time.  However, if you put in the time and effort and make the changes to your lifestyle that is required then, this will determine everything.

Our aim it to give you control of your own health by equipping you with the skills and the knowledge you need.

You can also avail of the Plexus treatment twice or 3 times a year to maintain your health.

We also work with a number of other professionals in the field of healthcare some medical, and should we feel that this might benefit you we will advise you accordingly.

Belief, Commitment and Sacrifice are the keys to success

How much does Treatment cost?

Please contact our office as fees varies between Ireland and the UK.

To make an appointment at our Irish or London clinics please contact our office at info@michaelodoherty.com : Tel 353 (0) 65 6841844


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