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orthotics1Orthotic Modular Support

Orthotic modular supports are slimline inserts that are specifically designed to assist in the correction of structural distortions in our feet. These devices help to prevent postural imbalances throughout our body. Most of us are unaware of the impact that lack of support in our feet can have thoughout entire strucure.


Foundation of your body

orthotics2Upon a quick review of our physiology will help you identify the importance of your feet.Your feet are the foundation of your body supporting the entire weight of your structure. It is rekoned that the averave person will walk over 100,000 miles in their lifetime with tons of added stress, so it would make sense to have a good supportive structure to those foundations. Your feet contain one quarter of the bones in your body, each foot made up of 26 bones, thirty three joints and supported by three arches. This network of anatomy is held together by stong ligaments. The foot is a flexible and adaptive part of our anatmony and is controled and moved by up to twenty muscles. It also contains many neveve endings to allow for constant feedback to the brain to help cordinate and stabalize our body.

It is rekoned that 80% of people will have foot abnormalaties but yet only as many as 40% of people will experience foot and biomechanical symptoms and this is due to the lifestyle that we are exposed to. Other factors that can lead to foot conditions range from patalogical and inherent conditions. However what is most important is that we do not have to suffer in pain from the various symptoms imposed upon us by way of these strucural anomalies.

Consultation and Correction

At Plexus Healthcare some of our senior therapists are trained to identify food complications that lead to a variety of symptoms throughout the entire kinetic chain of the human structure. And thus they are able to refer clients in the direction of a bio mechanical consultant to assist further consultation. You biomechanical consultant will assess the structure of your feet and make reference to any secondary distortions that can lead to advanced complications. orthotics3A typical consultation involves screening of your foot anatomy along with mobility and range of motion testing. He will advise you upon the importance of the neutral positioning of you feet by way of supportinve devices called orthotics. An orthotic module is a customised footwear insert to support your feet through the controlled movement of walking or running which in biomechanical terms is called your Gait. For the foot to function normally it has to occupy a specific alingment, and so this orthotic device supports the foot in a neutral position thus of loading and excess stresses that can cause the variety of structural your symptoms.

Preparation of the orthotic module

In order for the module to be prepared the consultant will have to perform a foot scan using the latest laser foot scanning technology. The identified bio mechanical and structural issues are recorded on a client prescription document. Together the results of this information are emailed to our specialists in the labaratory where the orthotic devices are uniquely prepared by way of direct milling. The devices are then shaped along with adapting the modules to create a comfortable yet specific custom made orthotic modular supportive device. There is a time frame of approximatly ten working days until you receive your custom orthotics. Upon receipt of you new orthotics the consultant will advise you upon fitting instructions along with self maitanence and guided advice. Generally the settling in time can be instant and for some up to eight weeks as the body structural adapts to the new parameters of functional application of the orthotics. It is also worth noting that while we all have unique feet we also have unique styles of footwear that we enjoy wearing, and so we have a range of orthotic modular inserts that a specific to our shoe styles. So your bio mechanical consultant will advise you on the day of your appointment as to the ranges of orthotic modules available to suit your shoe style needs and requirements. Thus the final conclusion being, customer satisfaction along with structural correction.



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